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London College takes lead in tackling Gangs and Youth Violence


Waltham Forest College teamed up with Safer London and Spark2Life to deliver a series of workshops on youth violence topics that directly affect young people.

Waltham Forest College is working to help young people to stay safe from violence.   The College’s ambitious plan will raise awareness of gangs and youth violence through dedicating a whole month to empower students with knowledge about how to stay safe. This is a response to the increased violence across London and the launch of the London Needs You Alive campaign by the Greater London Authority.

The College is holding specialist workshops for students on topics such as managing conflict, online safety, healthy relationships, consent and safety planning. These workshops aim to help young people to avoid potential confrontations and safeguard them in a wide variety of situations.


Student President Terri, said:  “I find these workshops really helpful as I plan to use what I learnt in my day to day life, even after I finish my studies. I am happy that the College recognises these concerns by being responsive to what is happening in London that clearly demonstrates they take student safety serious”

College staff have participated in a presentation from the Metropolitan Police giving insights into gang violence.  The police shared their knowledge on the life cycle of gangs, local and national trends, county line crime and the recruitment of gang members to help staff work to prevent involvement.


Director, Amir Ahmed, said: “This is a hot topic for Colleges in London and we have a major responsibility to ensure our students can identify the signs of being in vulnerable positions. We are proud that our students feel safe on-site and their behaviour was recognised as exemplary in our recent Ofsted inspection. By arranging these specialist workshops we are continuing to be proactive and prepare young people well for life in modern Britain.”

The College is also supporting a research project conducted by the University of Cambridge and the University of Kent. It is examining the law of ‘joint enterprise’, the term given to a form of secondary liability in common law, which allows an individual to be convicted of an offence committed by another. The project funded by the Economics and Social Research Council includes interviewing students to understand their knowledge of joint enterprise and the risks to their future.

Dr Susie Hulley from Cambridge University leading the research study, said: ‘It is crucial for us to ascertain the extent to which young people experience serious youth violence and really understand its potential consequences, including physical injury, psychological trauma and lengthy prison sentences. Waltham Forest College has been extremely accommodating in providing access to young people and the students we have interviewed have been incredibly open and engaged. The data generated by the interviews will shape the research findings and will allow us to contribute much needed evidence to the current debates around serious youth violence and appropriate legal responses, including joint enterprise.

The research will be published in early 2019 and will be used to influence future legislation in joint enterprise.



College Celebrates Diversity and World Culture


Waltham Forest College piloted their very first celebration of ‘World Culture’ event, where students from different backgrounds put on themed stalls representing their countries.

Students introduced peers and staff members to the rich cultural traditions of their countries and had open dialogues and conversations based on cultural diversity.

They exhibited items and collections that represented their culture as well as producing samples of national dishes and cuisine.

Some of the countries represented on the day included Congo, Somalia, Ethiopia, Poland, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Bangladesh, Pakistan and many more.

The highlight of the event was a themed African Drumming and Dance competition led by Mbilla Arts CIC, who delivered a powerful and engaging drumming session.

ESOL student Nahomi, won the dance competition. She said: “I loved the event. It is extremely important for students to come together and learn more about each other’s traditions and backgrounds”

The event was a success with approximately 200 students in attendance making a positive contribution to celebrating world culture and recognising cultural diversity.

Director, Amir Ahmed, said: “Waltham Forest is a diverse and multi-cultured borough and achieved the first status of ‘Borough of Culture’ from the Mayor of London. Our student body reflects our local community and with the support from Sir Mallinson Scholarship Trust, our students were able to organisation a fantastic event, which engaged both students and staff.”


SafeGuard Clothing donate protective equipment to Public Services students at Waltham Forest College


SafeGuard Clothing is continuing its initiative to partner with local and regional colleges to promote education and awareness of safety.

The leading manufacturer of premium body armour has made it a mission to improve the education base of institutions and help them offer better practical experience to students enrolled in Public Service courses.

Waltham Forest College is the latest educational institution in the line to receive a donation from SafeGuard Clothing. The donated bullet-resistant vest puts the focus on the importance of safety and protecting the lives of law enforcement and military operatives.

Vital information that can improve safety awareness and survival rates amongst Public Service officials includes knowledge of new materials used in the design of bullet-resistant vests, correct size and carrier type selection and fit, and updated NIJ standards.

The donation from the international tactical body armour and safety equipment distributor will be used for demonstrations in the Public Services course of the College. SafeGuard Clothing’s vest will educate students on the working mechanics of the design and structure of tactical armour.

SafeGuard Clothing Communications Manager Benjamin Atkinson said:

"We are pleased to partner with Waltham Forest College. Helping colleges improve their Public Service courses is one of the pillars of our corporate governance strategy. We believe in raising awareness about threats, security and adequate protection among the public. The donation of one of our bulletproof vests aims to expand on the learning experience of students and better prepare them for their career in law enforcement.

Rodney Naib, Public Services Lecturer said “Such partnerships are greatly beneficial to our students as they provide access to an industry leader's expertise and technological advancement, enriching their learning experience.

“The use of SafeGuard's armour donation in the Public Service course demonstrates the working mechanics behind staying safe in the line of work that involves daily risks.

“It provides our students with a learning experience that develop their knowledge and skills in their chosen field.”

Travel & Tourism students travel to Spain & Glasgow to gain practical experience to enhance their learning experience



Students on the Travel and Tourism course at Waltham Forest College recently travelled to Spain and Glasgow as part of their programme to gain invaluable insights and collect evidence for their tourist destination assignment.

Students who travelled to Spain stayed at the Grand Hotel Bali, where they were able to incorporate theoretical learning with real-life practical tourist experiences.

They developed their understanding of Spanish culture as they sampled local cuisines and toured the old and newly developed tourist resorts. They also visited the Benidorm Zoo in Alicante to conduct research on visitor attractions and to witness the wildlife tourism in action.

Students who travelled to Glasgow visited the Riverside Museum - Glasgow’s newly designed Museum of Transport and Travel.

Aviation, students also checked in to the airport and spent time with staff observing aviation employment roles.

Travel and Tourism Lecturer Tom Vittles said “The students thoroughly enjoyed the trips to Spain and Glasgow. It allowed them to develop their research, communication, teamwork and interpersonal skills, as well as experience class theory in a practical a real-life environment”

For more information on courses or open events, visit www.waltham.ac.uk, or call 020 8501 8182.

Student returns to inspire doctors and nurses of the future


Sanah’s photographs of life changing operations inspired students at Waltham Forest College. Her exhibition of photographs caught the imagination of students studying nursing, health care and social care as they brought the details of text books to dramatic life. Students used their views of the photos to highlight their discussions and views on Sanah’s work.

Sanah worked as a volunteer using images from pre-op through to post-op to chart operations that changed the life of patients. She photographed operations on cleft lips and palettes, reconstructive surgery for acid and burns victims and finger/toe releases. Her display of these images in a gallery type setting encouraged discussion about health issues and apparatus used in treatments. Sanah commented:

My heart pounds when I’m taking images of surgical procedures and I have decided not to edit any of these images as I tried to keep them as authentic as possible”

Sanah is, with the help of her family, sharing her experience with students.  Her aim is to raise the profile of science and medical courses and to encourage young people to look at careers in science and medicine. Nursing student, Ruth Poba-Puati, said:

Sanah has done a great job in capturing these key moments in surgery. This exhibition has certainly inspired me I feel more confident with the idea of going into a theatre operation”

Amir Ahmed, Director at Waltham Forest College, said: “This wasn’t just an exhibition, this is a platform to inspire the next generation of doctors and nurses. Many students started thinking about specialist pathways and how they can make a real difference in their chosen career.

Sanah’s own experience as a student at the College added to the event and so the students are even more motivated to create their future”.  Sanah said

“We’ve reached our goal today to inspire, encourage and enlighten students.”

The Worshipful Mayor of Waltham Forest, Cllr Yemi Osho, joined the event giving the opening speech encouraging young and adult students aspiring to create their future in the medical profession.



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