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16-18 Bursary & Free Meals Guidelines

16-18 Bursary & Free Meals Application Form

19+ LSF Guidelines

19+ LSF Application Form

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Financial Support

Guidelines for 16-18

Guidelines for 16-18 Bursary Fund and Free Meals 2016/17

PLEASE NOTE: Applications are processed on a first come, first served basis and early application is advised as funds are limited. Meeting the eligibility criteria does not guarantee financial support. Applications will not be accepted if they are incomplete and/or do not have the relevant supporting documents. Completed application forms should be returned with supporting documents by Monday 3rd October 2016. Applications received after this date will be considered but payments may be affected.

Bursary Fund
There are two types of bursaries:

  • A vulnerable bursary of up to £1200, for young people in the following defined vulnerable groups: in care, care leavers, in receipt of Income Support and disabled young people in receipt of Employment Support Allowance AND Disability Living Allowance.
  • Discretionary bursaries - for eligible learners with a combined household income of less than £25,000.The bursary contributes towards the cost of your course. This can include equipment, uniform, books and educational visits. The exact level of payment will be finalised after the application has been received.

Free Meals
You may also be entitled to a free meal from the College Café on 4 or the Deli if you or your parents receive:

  • Income Support/Universal Credit
  • Income-based Jobseekers Allowance
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance 
  • Support under part 6 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • Guarantee element of State Pension Credit
  • Child Tax Credit (not Working Tax Credit) and have an annual gross income of no more than £16,190
  • Working Tax Credit run on–paid 4 weeks after you stop qualifying for Working Tax Credit

Eligible students will be entitled to one meal, normally on the days they are timetabled to be in college. If you do not study at the main college site alternative arrangements will be made for you. For special dietary requirements please inform Student Finance.

Learner Eligibility

  • To qualify for this fund you must be aged between 16 and 18 on the 31st August 2016
  • If you turn 19 after the 31st August 2016 you are still able to apply for this fund
  • You must be enrolled on a course funded by the Education Funding Agency
  • You must meet the residency criteria (for more information, please contact Student Services)
  • Accompanied asylum seekers cannot receive cash payments. As long as an asylum seeker has not had their application refused then course related support can be provided such as books and equipment.
  • Unaccompanied asylum seekers are entitled to cash payments
  • Waged apprenticeship programmes are not eligible for a bursary

How is the Bursary paid?
The guaranteed bursary will be paid monthly and the discretionary bursary will be paid each term in November, February and May. To receive payments learners must maintain a minimum 90% attendance. Payments will be made directly into the learner’s bank account.

Pro Rata Payments
Learners on a part time programme and a course lasting less than 30 weeks will be awarded a relevant pro- rata amount. The bursary amount will be calculated on the total number of weeks/days of the course.

Supporting Documents 
All learners will need to provide proof of their residency status, eligibility for the guaranteed or discretionary bursary and bank details.

Vulnerable Bursary

If you (learner) are eligible for the bursary please provide one of the following:

  • A letter setting out the benefit to which you are entitled to;
  • Written confirmation of your current or previous looked-after status from the local authority which looks after you or provides your leaving care services.

Discretionary Bursary
You or your parent(s)/guardian(s) should provide proof of the following:

  • Income Support/Universal Credit, Income-Related Employment Support Allowance or Income based Job Seekers Allowance, benefit letter dated within the last 3 months 
  • Tax Credit Award Notice 2016/17 showing learner’s name (all pages) 
  • Guaranteed Pension Credit letter for current year 
  • NASS support letter and recent Post Office benefit receipt (no less than one month old)
  • P60 (2015/16) for both parents/guardian (if applicable), last 3 monthly pay slips or if paid weekly last 4 pay slips
  • End of Year Tax Return if self employed

Bank Details
You will need to provide your bank statement, letter or bank card which clearly shows your name, sort code and account number.
Please return your form with supporting documents to Student Services as soon as possible. If you have any questions or would like advice on completing the form please call Student Finance on 020 8501 8115.


All the information in this guide was accurate at the time of publication in May 2016.

Guidelines for 19+

Guidelines for 19+ Learner Support Fund (LSF) and Advanced Learner Loans Bursary 2016/17

What is the Learner Support Fund?

The Learner Support Fund is a means-tested grant to assist students who have financial difficulties while studying at the College. You will not have to repay the grant if you complete your course. As funding is limited you are advised to apply early. The LSF can contribute towards the cost of your course including equipment, books, travel and childcare fees.

Advanced Learning Loans Bursary

This applies only to students 19 years of age or over and on a full level 3 or level 4 programme and have been approved for a loan by the Student Loans Company (SLC) to cover their course tuition fees. For more information please refer to the Advanced Learning Loan Bursary Fund Policy 2016/17, available on request. To apply you must meet the criteria below and provide supporting documents.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Enrolled on an eligible course* at Waltham Forest College
  • You must be aged 19 or over on 31st August 2016 
  • You have been ‘ordinarily resident’ in the UK/EU/EEA for the last three years immediately preceding the start of your course. 
  • Refugees
  • Asylum Seekers who have legally been in the UK pending consideration of their claim by the Home Office for longer than 6 months or asylum seekers refused asylum but granted support under Section 4 of the Immigration and Asylum Act will also be eligible. Asylum Seekers will not receive any cash payments. 
  • On a means tested benefit*
  • Household income of less than £16,190
  • Exceptional cases will be dealt with on an individual basis*

*Please contact Student Services for further information.
You may still qualify even if you do not meet the above residency criteria please speak to Student Services for more information.

Documentary Evidence:

  • One of the following: Passport, recent Home Office documents or residency status or UK birth certificate 
  • One of the following: Income Support, JSA, Employment Support Allowance e.g. a letter issued by a benefit agency issued within the last three months clearly showing benefit payment. Working tax credit award notice 2016/17 all pages (total income must be below £16,190). Last 3 monthly pay slips, last 4 weekly pay slips or P60 (for 2015/16). 

Asylum Seekers should provide a recent Post Office benefit receipt (no less than one month old), NASS support or Home Office letter showing support.
You will need to provide a bank statement, letter or card which clearly shows your sort code and account number.

Free Meals
Students aged between 19 and 25 who are subject to a Learning Difficulty Assessment (LDA) or Education Health and Care Plan (EHC Plan) and ESF students, may qualify for a free lunch. Please speak to the Student Finance team.

How to complete the application form?

Section 1 – Student Information
Please complete your personal details as requested. If your information changes please immediately inform the Student Services.

Section 2 – Course Information
Provide the full name of your course programme and year i.e. 1st or 2nd. We need to know if you are studying on a part time or a full time programme. Please note that you can only receive help with one course during the academic year/term.

Section 3 – Travel
Funding for travel is only available to individuals who live 3 or more miles away from their College site. Allocations are based on a bus pass rate. Any travel discounts available to Learners will be deducted from their overall allocation. To see if you are entitled to any discounts please visit www.tfl.gov.uk/tickets. 

Section 4 – Nationality/Immigration Status
This section is about your nationality/immigration status and residency in the UK. The first question requires you to inform us whether you have lived in the UK for the last three years (Please note you must complete this question even if you were born in the UK).
For the next question please tick the appropriate box relating to your status in the UK and provide documentary evidence.

Section 5 – Income assessment
This section is about you and/or your family’s household income. Please answer all questions as we need to know whether you live independently or with your family, whether you or your family receive benefits or you or your family have other sources of income (for example wages or a pension). Any income information you have declared must be supported by proof. Please refer to the section overleaf regarding documentary evidence.

Section 6 – Childcare
Subject to funding availability, you may be able to apply for a contribution towards your childcare expenses. You must be aged 20 or over on 31st August 2016. If under 20 you may qualify for a Care to Learn.

Section 7 – Bank Account Details
LSF will only be paid directly into your bank account therefore you must provide your bank details. Please bring your bank statement or your Debit card so that we can check the details for accuracy. If you have a building society account, please provide the ‘Roll number’.

Section 8 – Application declaration
It is important that you read this section before signing the application form. By signing this form you are confirming that you are accepting and will abide by the terms and conditions of the Learner Support Fund. Please note that you require 100% attendance on the course to obtain payments during the academic year. 
You are liable to repay the full cost of the LSF Grant back to the College if you fail to complete your programme.

Appeals & Complaint Procedure
If you wish to make an appeal or a complaint regarding your LSF application then please contact Student Services for further information. 


All the information in this guide was accurate at the time of publication in May 2016.

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