Waltham Forest College has teamed up with over 23 graffiti, street and contemporary artists to deliver ART vs Covid, an online auction and exhibition to raise funds for charity. 

Online Auction

With a total value of over £100,000, the pieces listed for the auction have been produced by a combination of the world's highly respected and up-coming artists with many pieces being an original 1 of 1.

Featured artists: Mode2, Temper, Daim, Tasso, Bg183, Holy Moly, Hombre, Cheeky and Trik09

Friday 24th July - 31st December
Visit the auction website here 


An exhibition of the pieces submitted, alongside WFC students' work, will be held at Waltham Forest College

Date: TBC  



Legacy and education

ART vs Covid will also include a series of graffiti and street art workshops, lectures and tutorials for Waltham Forest College’s art & design, fashion and media students with the theme being ‘The Power of Public Art’ to help fight COVID-19. This will include the development of a number of individual students’ pieces and the completion of a professionally designed and produced mural sponsored by Montana Cans that celebrates Waltham Forest College’s Vision, Mission & Core Values.


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