The Community Pool is a 30m pool tucked away in the basement of Waltham Forest College. The pool is open to all and there is something for everyone, regardless of age or ability. The Community Swim is lane swimming sessions available to anyone from 14 years old and over who can swim at least 30m.

Timetable and Prices

Tickets for a single Community Swim session can now be bought in advance at Forest Road YMCA.

£28 Full membership (first month £30 via eventbrite, subsequent months £28 when paid for by direct debit
£25 Waltham Forest College / YMCA Staff
£15 Waltham Forest College Student / YMCA resident
£4.20 Standard
£2.50 WFC / YMCA staff
£1.75 WFC student / YMCA resident

*Please note that if you have a staff or student discounted ticket, we will ask to see your ID on poolside.

Opening Hours

Monday 6-8.30am 12-1pm
Tuesday 6-8.30am 12-1pm
Wednesday 6-8.30am 12-1pm
Thursday 6-8.30am 12-1pm
Friday 6-8.30am 12-1pm
Saturday 8-9am 12-1pm
Sunday 8-9am 12-1pm

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