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This Diploma allows learners to undertake study related to social sciences. Learners will have the opportunity to develop skills which will enable progression to a range of degree level programmes including a focus on sociology and psychology which underpin most social science degrees. Many learners join social science degrees after following A level study in these two subjects so the diploma will place the Access to HE learners on a level with those who have followed A level studies.?

Learners will complete mandatory units which cover an introduction to sociology, psychology and criminology, but then they will be able to research an area of interest to them in more depth. They will study a range of optional units covering sociology and social policy and can investigate specific aspects of psychology or criminology.?

Ungraded units include units which will support access to higher education whilst supporting study and personal skills.?

Learners who have followed these routes may need to develop their skills in specific areas as well as learning more about subjects in which they have an interest. If the learner has gone straight into employment, they may not have studied at Level 3 and so this Access Diploma will help them to build on existing skills and provide a good grounding for further academic study.

  • Sector Overview

    The demand in UK legal firms has gone up over the last two years with some top firms taking on a 30% increase in staff due to the growth.

    Undoubtably, the sector has grown and as the government is tackling down on crime, the urge for more lawyers working in the criminal law sector has taken a significant positive impact. The UK legal market 2022 indicates that all areas, including real estate, family and corporate law are in high demand.

  • Entry Requirements

    The entry requirements for this course are:

    You must be aged 19+

    Have a GCSE Grade 4 (C) or Level 2 Functional Skills in English or maths. The ideal candidate will, however, have already achieved Level 2 qualifications in both subjects.

    In addition to your Access programme?for those who have not yet achieved a Level 2 in both subjects, you will be required to enrol onto an adult English or maths Level 2 qualification in the specified subject, in order to support your?progression onto higher level study. It is important to note that all students progressing onto university will need to have achieved Level 2 qualifications in both English and maths, as well as their main qualification.

    All students will be required to attend an interview demonstrating their commitment to the course and evidencing their qualifications on entry. You will also sit a diagnostic test in both English and maths.

  • What will I study?

    This course consists of some of the following modules:

    • Sociology of the family
    • Human rights for the twenty first century
    • Understanding the impact of crime
    • Introduction to criminology
    • Globalisation
    • Aspects of social psychology
    • Atypical development and abnormal behaviour
  • How will I be assessed?

    You will be assessed via:

    • Presentations
    • Essays and reports
    • Leaflets and posters
    • External exams
    • Tutor observations
  • Enrichment

    You will be involved in taking part in trips and visits, such as The Bank of England and attend Business Conferences. You will also have access to key employers that will deliver guest lectures to build your industry knowledge and create your future.

  • Work Experience

    You will be offered opportunities to actively engage with industry related employers and take part in experiential events to improve your personal development.

  • Progression opportunities

    Progression routes are into a range of social science degrees including:

    • BSc (H) Criminological Psychology
    • BSc (H) Psychology and Criminology
    • BSc (H) Police Studies with Criminological Psychology
  • Alumni

    Waltham Forest College is a vibrant and aspirational college and will support you to reach your career aspirations. Last year 96% of learners progressed onto a positive destination either to higher levels of study, employment, or an Apprenticeship.

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