This course is designed for 19+ Adults. This qualification will allow you to develop your knowledge and practical skills in meat preparation.

This course has been specifically designed for chefs, butchery enthusiasts and other food trade personnel. Product knowledge and factors affecting meat quality will be referenced throughout the duration of this course.

The entry requirements for this course are:

  • Having a keen interest in butchery with a desire to learn new skills

  • You will be required to attend an informal interview which may include completing an assessment, based on your prior qualifications

This course consists of the following Modules:

  • Product identification

  • Factors affecting meat quality

  • Knife skills

  • Boning, seaming and trimming

  • Tying a butchers knot and rolling joints of meat

  • Product presentation

    Carvery Chicken 3 bird Roast (Deboned and stuffed with duck, turkey and sage and onion or sausage meat )
    Chicken Kiev (garlic and butter filling)
    Chicken Ballotines filled with stuffing and wrapped with bacon
    Seasoned Chicken Tulips (from the wings)

    Beef from a whole LMC (prime shoulder cut):
    A roasting joint barded with a thin layer of fat and tied with fine twine.
    Tenderised steak suitable for frying or grilling.
    Beef Olives prepared with a delicious beef stuffing and
    presented as parcels & roses

    Pork (from a leg of pork):
    Boneless pork crackling roasting joint
    Traditional dry cured bacon
    Pork sausage meat
    Hand pressed burgers, scotch eggs and a sausage plait made
    from puff pastry

    Turkey(from a whole fresh, oven ready turkey):
    Boneless breast roasting joint
    Escalope's ( flavour coated or bread crumbed)
    Boneless turkey leg filled with stuffing and wrapped in bacon.
    Hand pressed turkey burgers

    Lamb (1) (from a whole English shoulder & breast) Cushion of lamb. (Boneless shoulder with a special stuffing made with a garden mint seasoning and dried apricots)
    Boneless breast of lamb joint
    Lamb pinwheels

    Lamb (2) (from an English loin and best end)
    Boneless rump roast
    Noisettes (boneless loin)
    Carre D'Agneau (with a mint and apricot or orange and herb

    College resources: Air conditioned butchery training room with a wide range of modern equipment.

You will be assessed via:

  • Observation

  • Knowledge questions

This course will lead to exploring employment opportunities within the meat trade, or continue in further study on a Professional Butchery course.

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