This course is an apprenticeship style programme designed for ages 16-19 and 19+ adults aspiring for job roles in which they will be working with IT systems and software.

IT user skills are required for over 75% of job roles.
Through theory, practical sessions and work-related activities, you will gain invaluable IT skills including:

  • Providing support and assistance in the use of IT systems and software

  • Developing, testing and implementing solutions to improve workplace productivity using IT

  • Maintaining simple websites, using the internet to find and exchange information

Through tutorial sessions you will be supported to enhance wider employability skills, including, project management, teamwork, research, communication and presentation skills alongside your time management.

This is a 1-year course after which you have the option to progress to a Level 3 IT course delivered by the College to further your skills or move into employment.

The course is scheduled over 3.5 days per week and will be a mixture of theory and practical lessons.

You will also have the opportunity to re-take your English and Maths qualifications where appropriate.

The entry requirements for this course are:

  • 3 GCSEs at Grade 3 (D) with 2 GCSEs at Grade 2 (E)
    If required, you will have the opportunity to study GCSE maths and/or English alongside your course so you can progress onto a Level 3 course.

Topics for this course may include:

  • Improving productivity using IT

  • IT fundamentals

  • Set up an IT system

  • Design software

  • Multimedia software

  • Website software

  • Spreadsheet software

  • Imaging software

  • Understanding the potential of IT

  • Developing personal & team effectiveness using IT

All units are internally assessed thorough a range of methods including:

  • Practical tasks

  • Presentations

  • Written work

  • Group projects

  • Research tasks

  • Work Experience Logs
    (All units in these qualifications are internally assessed)

    All assessments will give you an opportunity to pass at one of the following standards:

  • Pass

  • Merit

  • Distinction

    You will be provided with detailed information on how to achieve the relevant grades before each assessment commences. There will also be online support to help you achieve.

Your progression from this qualification will be either of the below pathways:

  • IT Level 3 Extended Diploma -To further develop your practical skills and knowledge of the IT Sector in order to enhance your career prospects and progress to higher education.

  • IT Apprenticeship

  • Employment - This qualification will provide you with some of the key kills needed for a number of roles in IT Sector such as Data Clerk, Website Technician and Digital Assistant.

We want to get you on your course and into a career as quickly as possible, but there are some things you may need to know...

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