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This course is designed for ages 16-19 and 19+ adults interested in an introduction to the Information Technology and Business Employment Sectors.

Through theory and practical sessions, you will gain an insight into web design, computer programming and digital design, as well as business communication and required software.

You will also be provided with opportunities to develop a range of skills, techniques and attributes essential for successful performance in working life. For example, you will be supported to further develop your confidence, research, communication and presentation skills alongside your time management.

You will be trained and assessed by a well-qualified team with ample teaching and industry experience.

Upon successful completion of all units you will achieve 2 qualifications that will support your progression to a Level 2 course at Waltham Forest College.

•    BTEC Certificate in information Technology
•    BTEC Award in Business Administration 

This is a 1-year course scheduled over 3.5 days per week and will be a mixture of theory and practical lessons.

Your progression from this qualification will be either of the below pathways:

•    IT Level 2 – To further develop your practical skills and knowledge of the IT Sector in order to enhance your career prospects.

•    Business Level 2 – To gain a deeper insight into business management, entrepreneurship and support careers in this vocational sector.

The entry requirements for this course are:

•    4 GCSEs at Grade 1 (G) or above including English and maths
•    Assessment and Interview

If required, you will have the opportunity to study GCSE maths and/or English alongside your course so you can progress onto a Level 2 course.

You will study a wide range of units that will allow you to deepen your understanding of the business sector, these include:

IT Units: 
•    Developing digital information using IT
•    Solving technical IT problems 
•    Creating a spreadsheet to solve problems
•    Creating a website
•    Creating a computer programme 
•    Developing a digital product 
•    Using digital communication technologies 
•    Developing a personal progression plan 

Business Units: 
•    Working in business and administration
•    Creating business documents
•    Working in a team
•    Preparing for work placement
•    Learning from Work placement

This course is supported by our Create Your Future Programme. An online curriculum, specially tailored to your course and level, to help you develop essential workplace skills, strengthen your independence, boost confidence and increase progression opportunities.

All units are internally assessed thorough a range of methods including:

•    Practical tasks
•    Presentations
•    Reflective Journals 
•    Written work 
•    Group projects
All assessments will give you an opportunity to pass at one of the following standards:

•    Pass
•    Merit
•    Distinction

You will be provided with detailed information on how to achieve the relevant grades before each assessment commences.

We want to get you on your course and into a career as quickly as possible, but there are some things you may need to know...

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