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This is a day or evening course designed for age 19+ adults wishing to study functional skills maths.

The qualification will allow you to develop skills and confidence in maths, leading to further studies and employment.

The course is scheduled for 1 day per week, either during the day or evening and each lesson is 2 hours long.

It is a 1 year, part-time course.

This course will lead to:

•    Continued studies up to Level 2 and GCSE maths
•    Further education
•    Employment

The entry requirements for this course are: 

•    No formal qualifications required
•    You will be required to attend an informal interview which may include completing an initial assessment in order to determine your maths level

This course consists of the following modules:

•    Numbers
•    Fractions, percentages, decimals
•    Shapes
•    Measures
•    Handling data
•    You will carry out calculations with and without a calculator

This course is supported by our Create Your Future Programme, an online curriculum, specially tailored to your course and level, to help you develop essential workplace skills, strengthen your independence, boost confidence and increase progression opportunities.

You will be assessed through:    

•    3 formative assessments (October, December and February)
•    1 summative exam towards the end of the course. There will be a calculator and a non-calculator paper, in the final exam, at all levels.

We want to get you on your course and into a career as quickly as possible, but there are some things you may need to know...

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