This course is designed for age 17-19 . This qualification will allow you to seek a career as an employed and/or self-employed theatrical media make-up artist working with performers to a high level of occupational ability, providing hair and make-up services in the media, theatre, performing arts, fashion and photographic industries.

This course is a progression of skills & knowledge developed in level 2 Hair & Media Makeup.

The entry requirements for this course are:

  • Level 2 qualification in Hair, Beauty, Media Make-up or related subject

  • Informal interview & assessment

This course consists of the following modules:

  • Apply Airbrush Make-up to Face

  • Camouflage Make-up

  • Style and Fit a Postiche

  • Fashion & Photographic Make-up

  • Apply Prosthetic Pieces and Bald Cap

  • Monitor and Maintain Health and Safety Practice in the Salon

  • Client Care and Communication in Beauty Related Industries

  • Create and Cast Small Prosthetic Pieces and Bald Caps

  • Create an Image Based on a Theme Within the Hair and Beauty Sector

You will be assessed via:

  • Witten assignments

  • Online tests

  • Oral questions

  • Practical assessments

  • Portfolio of collated study evidence

This course will lead to career opportunities for the enterprising beauty therapist and makeup artist; from small, select provincial salons, large city salons, rural spa retreats, ocean liners, business and enterprise, theatre, film, television, training and product development.
Continued studies will enable you to confidently start your own business venture or franchise, while higher education courses could qualify you for teaching or training posts.

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