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This course is designe 19+ adults who would like to study Social Science and Humanities related subjects and who would like to progress onto University to study a Social Science or Humanities related degree.

This course will lead to degree programmes such as Social Work and Community Related studies, Youth Work, Education studies, Humanities courses including English Literature, Psychology and Sociology as well as Early Years and Teaching - for Teaching, and some other degree University entry, you will need GCSEs prior to entry.

The entry requirements for this course are: 

• You will be required to attend an interview which will include completing an assessment based on your prior qualifications

This course includes the following modules: 

• Sociology of the family
• Human Rights for the 21st Century
• Understanding the impact of crime
• Introduction to criminology
• Atypical Development and Abnormal Behaviour
• Aspects of Social Psychology
• Globalisation

You will be assessed via:

• Essays
• Reports
• Examinations
• Discussions and oral presentations

All assessment methods help to prepare you for the transition onto University and to be a success.

We want to get you on your course and into a career as quickly as possible, but there are some things you may need to know...

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