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This course is designed for 16-19 year olds with an EHCP. All applicants need to be able to independently travel.

Our Bridge the Gap course is designed for students who have completed secondary school and are beginning to think about college courses and have realised that they would benefit from a year to adjust to the change in lifestyle, expectations and environment a college offers. The course is particularly popular for students with ASD and anyone who is nervous about transition.

Bridge the Gap is a bridging course with a reduced class size of 8 students. The course is a BTEC Entry 3 or Level 1 Introductory Award in Vocational Studies which allows for the students to have a taste of different curriculum areas and supported internships over the year.

It is portfolio based, which removes the pressure of end of year examinations.

The course is timetabled over 3 days each week usually between 10:00am - 4:00pm. A 4th day is available throughout the year for work experience placements.

Your progression from this qualification will be:

•    Level 1 Vocational Programme - Bridge the Gap will prepare you for life as a college student
•    Supported Internship – This qualification will give you the skills required to gain a supported internship.

The entry requirements for this course are:

•    English and maths
•    The students should have completed Entry 2 English and Entry 2 Maths. We will work at an Entry Level 3 during Bridge the Gap, this will support them and ensure that their English and maths is progressing on track with the level of their course.

If they are working at a higher level, then students can join a class at their appropriate maths/English level e.g. Level 1 or 2/GCSE.

Throughout the year students will cover topics including:

•    Being organised
•    Developing a personal progression plan
•    Growing plants
•    Assisting a sporting activity
•    Creating moodboards
•    Organising meetings and trips
•    Completing work experience
•    Depending on the group's interests we can complete different modules to complete their portfolios and prepare them for a Level 1 in a mainstream subject or supported internship of their choice.

This course is supported by our Create Your Future Programme. An online curriculum, specially tailored to your course and level, to help you develop essential workplace skills, strengthen your independence, boost confidence and increase progression opportunities.

The students produce a portfolio to showcase modules and completed units throughout the year

We want to get you on your course and into a career as quickly as possible, but there are some things you may need to know...

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