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  • The Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training is a first stage teaching qualification which has a teaching/training practice requirement.
  • It is an ‘in service’ qualification designed for those working or wishing to work as teachers/trainers in England.
  • It may be possible for pre-service teachers/trainers (defined as those who are not formally contracted as teachers/trainers) to also complete this qualification.
  • All candidates, whether pre-service or in-service must have access to 30 hours of teaching. This qualification is also suitable for those delivering education and training in any learning environment.

    Candidates who successfully complete this qualification will have a fundamental understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a teacher/trainer in relation to legislation, equality, diversity, inclusivity and meeting the needs of learners. They will be able to use initial and diagnostic assessments and plan and deliver inclusive teaching and learning. They will also be able to assess learning and use appropriate resources to support effective learning.

How long is the course? 

  • 6 months

When is the course held?

  • Tuesday evenings 5.00-8.30pm

What is the cost of the course?

  • From September 2020 the cost of the course will be £1,417.00 - you can apply for the advanced learner loan.

Which skills are essential?

  • Good punctuality and attendance
  • Good communication skills
  • An enquiring mind
  • Ability to do independent research
  • Organisation and planning skills
  • Diligence in finishing assignments on time
  • Good word processing skills
  • Ability to follow given guidelines for work
  • Commitment and motivation
  • Ability to work in a team

Career path:

  • Diploma in Education and Training Level 5 course ( this must be completed if you wish to apply for QTS)
  • Teacher in lifelong learning sector in area of specialism

Further training could lead to careers in:

  • Team Leader
  • TAQA- assessor and IQA qualifications for quality assurance roles
  • EQA for external quality assurance roles
  • Management roles
  • BA in Education
  • You must hold a Level 2 or equivalent in English and Maths
  • You must hold a minimum of a Level 3 in the subject you want to teach in which you need to evidence by showing relevant certificates.
  • You will need to successfully complete an interview and a short initial assessment.

Mandatory topics to be covered on the DET course

  • Roles and responsibilities of a tutor
  • Referrals
  • Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  • Policies and procedures
  • Developing resources
  • Quality assurance

What will I be asked to do on the course?

  • Produce a portfolio of work which includes both practical and theory based
  • Work in groups (pairs, large and small groups)
  • Give presentations based on research topics
  • Complete written tasks and written assignments, based on discussion and research and reflect on ideas raised in the session
  • Written assignments
  • Demonstrating practical skills in 8 sessions observed by tutor
  • Completion of portfolio
  • Completion of teaching log

We want to get you on your course and into a career as quickly as possible, but there are some things you may need to know...

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