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Covid-19 Update

The Government have announced a national lockdown that is due to start Thursday 5th November. Current guidance is that colleges will remain open during the lockdown. We want to reassure all of our learners and stakeholders that we are following all of the latest government guidance, and we are open for business as usual and all learners should continue to attend their timetabled classes, and if they have any concerns, to contact their tutor.

The arrangements we have in place at Waltham Forest College will continue. Teaching for 16-19-year-old learners will continue with face to face learning.   Teaching for adults will continue with a combination of virtual, blended and face to face where appropriate in line with the needs of each area

We are constantly assessing the guidance relating to this and have transformed the campus so that our learners have a safe space to study. We have introduced safety measures, in line with government guidelines, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to make the College environment as safe as possible. Our top priority is to keep our learners safe.

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Waltham Forest College is continuing to work with the Department for Education and Public Health, England to ensure that our students have the most up-to-date information and guidance to keep themselves safe. As you know, this is a fast-developing situation and the UK Government have made it clear that schools and colleges are expected to remain open throughout any restrictions and continue teaching and learning activities and it is important that student continue to attend all their lessons, both onsite and on-campus. We are committed to you receiving the same high-quality experience that you initially applied for, however, your course is initially taught.


At Waltham Forest College, we have adopted a more cautious approach and have implemented a social distancing approach with 1 metre+ to 2 metres timetabling and providing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment where required.

For those attending the campus, the College has implemented the following measures to help reduce the spread of the virus during this pandemic:

  • Face coverings: Wearing a face covering is essential in most locations on our campus, including teaching space and communal areas of the College.
  • Keeping your distance: The College policy is to maintain two-metre social distance unless this is not possible or practical. If a one-metre plus social distance is adopted, additional mitigation controls must be implemented, which may include the use of face coverings and/or face visors.
  • Implement good hygiene practices: All students must use the hand sanitiser stations, where provided, and we encourage students to wash their hands regularly with soap and warm water, particularly on arrival at Campus and when moving from one space to another.

We would also like to encourage you to download the recently launched NHS COVID-19 app. By downloading the app you can continue to protect your loved ones. The more of us that use it the better we can control coronavirus.  Please use this link to find out more about it and to download it:


One important part of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our community is the testing for coronavirus. We all have a duty to make sure that the right people have access to get tested at the right time. Every time a test is used inappropriately, a person with COVID-19 symptoms may miss out on getting tested. You should only book a test if your family has any of these three coronavirus symptoms:

  • A high temperature: any new high temperature where your child feels hot to touch on their chest or back (you do not need to measure the temperature)
  • A new continuous cough: coughing a lot for more than an hour, or three or more coughing episodes in 24 hours.
  • A loss of, or change in, sense of smell or taste: a noticeable loss of smell or taste or things smell and taste different to normal.

You do not need a test if they have a runny nose, are sneezing or feeling unwell but do not have a temperature, cough or loss of, or change in, sense of smell or taste because these are not normally symptoms of coronavirus. If you are unsure about whether to get a test, please check the official list of symptoms on the NHS website, which is reviewed regularly:

We all have a role to play in protecting our community and we rely on everyone taking responsibility for their actions and behaviours. The measures outlined above is necessary to minimise the risk of the spread of COVID-19 infection.

1. General Information

  • What will your experience be?

    We are delivering a range of alternative teaching options based on a flexible, blended model of delivery consisting of online teaching, supplemented with face-to-face contact for other sessions, in particular for practical activities. Groups will be taught within their group bubble and be divided with one cohort completing work remotely with the support of their tutor and the other in college in a classroom setting. This blended learning model will continue until the government advice and the College feel that it is safe to return to a wholly onsite teaching environment.   

    We have worked hard to make sure that our campus is safe, and we have made a number of adjustments to our teaching areas (classrooms and workshops), social spaces and facilities in line with government advice, social distancing and health and safety guidance. One-way systems and physical distancing markers have been implemented in our teaching and communal spaces to ensure the campus is as safe to navigate as possible, avoiding close contact with others.  As you know, public health guidance is being updated all the time and we are working hard to make sure that all our students and staff will be able to stay safe and well on campus. 

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  • Work Placements

    We are working closely with our work placement partners to ensure that, where possible, our students can complete the placement elements of their courses as needed. The feasibility of this will vary from case to case depending on the capacity of our placement partners to host and provide appropriate supervision and support for placement students, as well as adapt to government guidance on social distancing. Student safety will always be our first concern and we will endeavour to put alternative arrangements in place where necessary.

  • Timetables and differing teaching locations at the campus

    You will receive a timetable when you join the College.  This will clearly state the details that you need to complete your course, including your tutor, the rooms you will be using and which lessons will be onsite and which you will undertake online. 

  • Term Dates

    The last day of the autumn term is Wednesday 16th December and half-term is the week commencing 26th October.

  • IT

    We ask any students without access to the necessary digital equipment at home to discuss their IT requirements at enrolment. You may be eligible for the Government’s technology support scheme for young people during coronavirus Covid-19.  It is important that you ask for help if you need it.  Our Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is now reopened for students. The area is set up with socially distanced desks, and laptops are available to students to use while in the area. 

    The opening hours are:
    Monday -Thursday                              8:45am to 5pm
    Friday                                                8:45am to 4:30pm

  • Safeguarding

    Waltham Forest College has a statutory and moral duty to ensure that it functions with a view to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people and adults undertaking education and training. In response to the UK government advice around specialist support for our most vulnerable learners that fall under one or more of the below categories:

    • Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)
    • Looked After Children (LAC)
    • Care Leavers (CL)
    • High Needs Funded (HNF)
    • Safeguarding concerns

    The College remains in contact with learners who fall under the ‘vulnerable’ category. 

  • Key Contacts

    For ease of communication, the following key email inboxes are being actively monitored, should you need to contact the College:

    Learner Services
    Business Development Unit
    Human Resources
    Additional Learning Support

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