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The Corporation operates under a Statutory Instrument (UK Government secondary legislation) known as the Instrument and Articles of Government.

This is supplemented by a further three key documents which have been locally devised and adopted:

The Standing Orders set out the framework of how the Corporation carries out its business, each member of the Corporation (College Governor) agrees to follow a Code of Conduct for the duration of their period in office, the Scheme of Delegation outlines the distribution of some of the powers of the Corporation and the Principal Chief Executive.

Cycle of meetings 2021/22

  • Corporation Members

    • Paul Butler Chair of the Corporation
      Paul Butler

      Member of the Remuneration Committee and the Search Committee
      Appointed 2013

      Paul has been involved in the college sector for over 25 years in various ways.

      He has a particular interest in East London, and actually attended Waltham Forest College to undertake a part-time course many years ago. In addition, he held the position of Area Director for Waltham Forest London East TEC, and WF College was one of his main providers of learning, so he had a close relationship with the senior teams of all the colleges, businesses and Local Authority in the borough.

      He has a passionate commitment to young people and adults and the importance of providing them with quality training and education opportunities that helps them to achieve their potential with vocational opportunities and preparing young people for employment in addition to more academic subjects.

      He has extensive experience and networks within the education/skills sector.

      Paul’s company works with the Metropolitan Police and other agencies and colleges on the issue of gangs and provides targeted programmes within the college setting.

      Paul’s skills, networks and experience provides the Corporation with a high level of contribution to the overall strategic vision and drive within the college.

    • Alison Morris Vice Chair of the Corporation, Chair of Curriculum & Quality Committee
      Alison Morris

      Appointed October 2017

      Alison has worked in the skills sector for over fifteen years. She is currently Director of Sector Development at the Education and Training Foundation, where she is responsible for technical education, wellbeing and social inclusion, learning technologies, and initial teacher education. Alison previously worked at the UK Commission for Employment and Skills where she carried out policy and research work in areas including higher level skills, employability, education-business links and careers guidance.

    • Youness Abidou Vice Chair of the Corporation, Chair of Finance & Resources Committee, and Chair of Search, Governance & Remuneration Committee
      Youness Abidou

      Appointed February 2015

      Youness is a top performing and senior level Property Investment Specialist (Currently Relationship Manager, Real Estate Islamic Financial Services, ABC International Bank plc, London).He has an accountancy background with an outstanding record of achievement in blue chip banking and professional environments structuring high-value transactions and maximising ROI.

      Combines advanced financial-engineering capabilities (including expert knowledge of Shariah banking) with high levels of entrepreneurial flair identifying wealth creation opportunities.

      Youness is a member of the Audit Committee and lives close to the College.

    • Janet Gardner Principal & Chief Executive
      Janet Gardner
    • Renatta Nzomono Chair of Audit & Risk Committee
      Renatta Nzomono

      Renatta was appointed as a Governor on Monday 6 June 2016.

      Renatta offers the Board skills derived from both the Legal and Financial Services industries and is currently a Business Resilience Partner for the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and has experience of working in a large company at a senior level.

      In the last 12 months she has been heavily involved in building the organisations Diversity and Inclusion agenda.

    • Nadia Ahmed Governor
      Nadia Ahmed
    • Gary Davies Governor
      Gary Davies

      Gary has worked in the University Sector in London for nearly 30 years at UCL, London Southbank, Roehampton and now London Metropolitan where he is the Pro Vice Chancellor for student recruitment and business development.

      He was also part of the team that established London Aimhigher where he held the post of Deputy Director. Since moving to London to become a student over 30 years ago he has been resident in east London, currently just over the borough border in Wanstead. 

    • Paul Douglas Governor
      Paul Douglas
    • Michael Eichhorn Governor
      Michael Eichhorn
    • Andrew Hall Governor
      Andrew Hall
    • Susannah Hume Governor
      Susannah Hume
    • Gbeminiyi Soyinka Governor
      Gbeminiyi Soyinka
    • Neil Taylor Governor
      Neil Taylor

      Neil has had a long career in running dynamic third sector organisations and is currently CEO of Leyton Orient Trust. Neil has a BA Politics Degree and an MA Modern European Studies degree and was President of London Guildhall University (now London Metropolitan University) Students Union.

      He, therefore, has great knowledge and experience of governance, strategic and financial planning, measuring impact and improving beneficiary experience.

    • Jacqueline Young Governor
      Jacqueline Young
    • Craig Buist Staff Governor
      Craig Buist

      Craig joined the Army in 2002. At this time, he undertook trade training which has led to him serving 10 years across a range of roles.

      In 2012 Craig left the Army at the rank of Corporal and started his journey working in FE Colleges. Across this time, he has managed departments to improve their grades and outcomes covering a range of subjects including animal management, sport, public services, construction, motor vehicle, engineering and electrical. This broad range of subjects and experiences ensures that Craig can bring a wide range of support to the board as a staff governor.

    • Vacancy Staff Governor
    • Vacancy Student Governor
    • Vacancy Student Governor
    • Naomi Shoffman Director of Governance
      Naomi Shoffman

  • The Corporation Minutes
    12th July 2022    
    22nd March 2022    
    14th December 2021    
    28th September 2021    
    20th July 2021 Agenda Minutes
    11th May 2021 Agenda Minutes
    24th March 2021 Agenda Minutes
    27th January 2021 Agenda Minutes
    21st December 2020 Agenda Minutes
    10th November 2020 Agenda Minutes
    29th September 2020 Agenda Minutes


  • Audit & Risk Committee Minutes

    Audit Committee Terms of Reference and Standing Orders

    23rd June 2022    
    10th March 2022    
    2nd December 2021    
    12th July 2021 Agenda Minutes
    15th March 2021 Agenda Minutes
    16th December 2020 Agenda Minutes
  • Search, Governance & Remuneration Committee Minutes

    Search, Governance and Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference and Standing Orders

    7th December 2021    
    28th June 2021 Agenda  
    25th January 2021 Agenda Minutes
    16th December 2020 Agenda Minutes
    17th September 2020 Agenda Minutes
  • Finance & Resources Committee Minutes


    16th June 2022    
    28th April 2022    
    27th January 2022    
    11th November 2021 - -
  • Curriculum & Quality Committee Minutes

    Curriculum and Quality Committee Terms of Reference and Standing Orders

    19th May 2022    
    10th February 2022    
    25th November 2021 - -
  • Staff and Student Engagement

    The College has in place the following arrangements for consulting with students and staff at the College as related to the Corporation’s responsibilities, covering:

    • Student conduct;
    • Disciplinary policy for students;
    • Staff conduct;
    • Grievance & disciplinary policies for staff;
    • The determination and periodic review of the educational character and mission of the College;
    • The oversight of the College’s activities.


    The Corporation consults with students and staff in support of the College’s Values and in accordance with its statutory responsibilities, as follows:

    • The Student Council reviews the Student Code of Conduct and the Student Disciplinary Policy as part of its remit, prior to the policies being presented to the Corporation for approval.
    • Staff are consulted on the content of the Staff Code of Conduct and all policies related to the terms and conditions of their employment via the UCU and Unison trade unions as part of the policy review process, prior to the policies being presented to Corporation for approval.
    • The Staff and Student Governors elected to the Corporation play a full part in the Board’s proceedings including the periodic review of the educational character, mission, values and strategic priorities of the College and the oversight of its activities. The educational character, mission and strategic priorities are reviewed annually, and governors monitor the College’s activities throughout the year assessing progress towards meeting the published annual objectives, covering all aspects of the College’s provision and its financial performance. The trade unions and the Student Council are consulted on the College’s educational character and mission as part of the Corporation’s annual planning cycle.

Why become a Governor?

Clerk to the Corporation

Director of Governance
Waltham Forest College
Forest Road,
London E17 4JB


A role for you?

If you are interested in a role on the Waltham Forest College Corporation, contact the clerk on the details below


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