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What are Apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes for new and existing employees, designed around the needs of the business, and may lead to nationally recognised qualifications. They make a valuable contribution to every business by enabling employers to train and recruit affordable, hardworking staff. Apprenticeships ensure that the workforce has the practical skills and qualifications needed now and in the future. Apprenticeships can make a real difference to your business by:

  • Increasing productivity
  • Developing specialist skills
  • Creating a competent workforce
  • Improving retention
  • Lowering recruitment and training costs

We can assist with recruiting new apprentices as well as enrolling existing staff onto apprenticeships. There is no extra charge or hidden fee for our recruitment services.

Apprenticeship funding

Employers are classified as levy/non-levy paying employers (this depends on the annual pay bill of each company) - if the pay bill of an organisation is over £3 million each year, it is classified as a levy paying employer.

Levy paying employers will create an account on the digital apprenticeship service to:

  • Receive levy funds for you to spend on apprenticeships
  • Manage your apprentices
  • Pay your training provider
  • Stop or pause payments to your training provider

Non-levy paying employers will share the cost of training and assessing their apprentices with the government, this is called ‘co-investment’. Employers will pay 10% towards the cost of apprenticeship training and the government will pay the remaining 90%. Employers will not have to contribute if the employee size is less than 50 and an apprentice is between 16-18 years old, or aged 19-24 with an Education, Health & Care Plan.

Incentive for taking on Apprentices

Both Levy and non-Levy paying employers can receive a £1000 incentive for taking on 16-18 year old apprentices and for apprentices aged 19-24 with an Education, Health & Care Plan. Employers can claim £500 of this incentive at 3 months from Apprentice start date and £500 paid at the end of the apprenticeship.

Recruit in just 4 easy steps!

Contact our Commercial and Business Development Team and arrange a meeting with a Business Advisor.

The Commercial and Business Development Team will advertise the apprentice vacancy from the provided job description and then shortlist suitable candidates.

You as the employer will carry out the interviews and select the apprentice.

Your apprentice commences the employment and the apprenticeship

What does the training provider do?

A training provider will provide an employer representative who will be able to support and guide you. They will work with you to:

  • Help you decide which Apprenticeship is right for you
  • Explain the way that Apprenticeships might work for you and if funding is available
  • Agree a training plan with your apprentice
  • Recruit an apprentice or support your existing staff into Apprenticeships
  • Manage the training and evaluation
  • Ensure that national quality standards are met and deliver integrated, coherent training
  • Carry-out regular progress reviews with the employer and apprentice

Apprenticeship team information

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