This course is designed for 19+ Adults.

This qualification will allow you to work as an Electrician and design domestic installations.

Must have completed 17th edition after January 2015. In general, candidates should have knowledge of electrical installation and electrical science, should be ICT literate and able to grasp the basic principles of electrical theory.

The course consists of:

Updates to Chapter 41 Protection against electric shock:

  • Metallic pipes entering the building will not need to be connected to the protective equipotential bonding if they have an insulating section at their point of entry.

  • RCDs for additional protection are now required for AC final circuits supplying luminaires (lights).

    Chapter 42 Protection against thermal effects:

  • Arc fault detection devices (AFDDs) are being recommended to be installed in AC final circuits, to reduce the risk of fire.

    Chapter 44 Protection against voltage, disturbances and electromagnetic disturbances:

  • The condition under which protection against transient over voltages has changed, instead, protection against transient over voltages are now required when certain conditions are in place.

    Chapter 52 Selection and erection of wiring systems:

  • Cables now need to be supported throughout the installation and not just in escape routes, to prevent premature collapse in the event of fire.


  • Appendix 6: The model forms have undergone some minor changes.

  • New Appendix 17: Energy Efficiency recommendations.

You will be assessed via:

Online exam

This course will give you the opportunity to work in the Electrical Industry

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