Why choose us?

Waltham Forest College is one of London’s most successful Colleges and our vision is to help you achieve the best possible future. In February 2018 Ofsted judged the College to be ‘Good’ in all that we do and we are proud to be described as an ‘inclusive college’.

From the moment you walk into our spectacular building you can see that this is a college built for success. The College has delivered and continuing to deliver an ambitious development plan giving you a world class campus that is equipped with industry-standard learning and teaching facilities.

The College offers a different environment to traditional sixth forms. You will learn in a mature environment that will allow you to develop your confidence and independence ready for university or employment.

Our success

  • Success rates 2.5% above national average
  • Over 89% of apprentices succeed
  • Over 90% English and maths GCSE passes
  • 237 courses, delivered in various levels across 37 subject areas
  • 4,500+ students from 31 London boroughs and counties across the UK choose to study at Waltham Forest College

Student views

Waltham Forest College firmly believes that embracing student views and offering structured opportunities for students to have direct involvement in shaping their own learning experience, will have a significant impact student success.

Our aim is to embrace learner views and offer structured opportunities for students to have direct involvement in assessing and shaping their own learning experience in order to develop the College’s quality improvement processes, to increase student success and develop students as active citizens in the wider community.

Waltham Forest College will work with students and their representative structures to ensure that all students are able to participate in learner engagement processes.

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