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Waltham Forest College has a strong record of providing fair access for all to further and higher education. We have taken an inclusive approach engaging with individuals and groups with protected characteristics (as defined by the Equality Act 2010 and explicit in our Equality and Diversity Policy). We embrace learner views and offer structured opportunities for students to have direct involvement in assessing and shaping their own learning experience and develop as active citizens in the wider community.

We are one of the most diverse colleges in London and are even more diverse than the local community. Our borough is one of the most culturally rich areas in the country. There are 97 different languages spoken by students at Waltham Forest College and our extensive new build that includes the Creative Arts building and our new STEM centre has been purposely designed to accommodate students with disabilities.

At all levels, we are committed to providing appropriate resources to enable and encourage access and participation for all in further and higher education. This takes a number of forms - funding to the Student Association, direct staff support, resources in kind in the form of accommodation and office costs, time off for student representative activities, and a wider staff development commitment to developing and embedding learners in to all decision making, evaluation and quality improvement measures in the College.

tudent engagement is constantly being reviewed and developed through the Student’s Union, Student Governors, Course Representatives, Student Ambassadors, Student Council and the Senior Leadership Team listening to feedback from regular student surveys and focus groups.

Vision, Mission & Core Values

Our Vision
Inspiring learners to create their future.

Our Mission
To deliver outstanding technical and professional learning, which raises aspirations, develops skills and creates futures.

Our Values
Our organisational values drive the way we interact with each other and influence learners in creating their future.


  • Acting with honesty at all times, taking responsibility for our own actions.
  • Always doing the right thing, especially when no one is looking.
  • Demonstrating professionalism, working to fulfil our moral purpose - especially when times are challenging.


  • Ensuring that everyone feels welcomed and valued and is allowed to be their true, authentic self.
  • Not just recognising, but celebrating the diversity of our community, ensuring that everyone has a voice.
  • Making sure that everyone has equal access to what the College does.


  • Having high aspirations and expectations for ourselves and those around us.
  • Celebrating and valuing expertise and mastery at all times.
  • Recognising that personal responsibility affects our ability to fulfil our potential, embracing opportunities to grow and develop our knowledge and understanding.


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