Knightsbridge Fire and Security


14 Basil St, Knightsbridge, London SW3 1AJ

We had a great experience recruiting our 2 new apprentices for our growing Fire & Security Installation business. The procedure that has been put in place by the Waltham Forest College is very fair for the employers and the apprentices. Our main contacts during the process have been very informative and ensured that both parties have been communicated to in all matters. Our two apprentices are doing really well and hopefully we will be able to choose Waltham Forest College again in the future to recruit more apprentices.

Helen Frampton
Sales and Operations Manager

Bluecross Locums


15 Southend Rd, Woodford, Woodford Green IG8 8HD

We have dealt with Waltham Forest College for a while and are very happy with the two apprentices we currently have. They are hard-working, adaptable and most of all – willing to learn. The process of getting the apprentices on board was very smooth and that is largely due to the communication that the College have with us. We look forward to working with Waltham Forest College and their apprenticeship scheme more in the future.

Nirujan Krishna
Operations Manager

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