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You will study with young people from around the word with expert maths and English teachers.

You will learn about living in the UK and get help with starting your life here.

We will help you develop your confidence and communication skills and prepare you for work and further education.

  • Sector Overview

    English is spoken as a second language by 26% of the borough of Waltham Forest. Our ESOL courses will teach you to communicate better, help you prepare for work and give you confidence living in the UK whatever your level.

  • Entry Requirements

    You will be assessed at your interview to check the best level for you.

  • What will I study?

    This course consists of the following modules:

    • English language (speaking and listening, reading and writing)
    • Maths Functional Skills 
    • Tutorials
    • Art
    • Sport
    • Digital Skills (IT)
  • How will I be assessed?

    You will be assessed via:

    • Speaking and listening assessments
    • Reading and writing assessments
    • Functional Skills Maths exams

     Some students progress onto a higher level during the academic year.

  • Enrichment

    To further enhance your progression, you will be involved in taking part in trips and visits. You will also have employability workshops to help you prepare for work.

    Our Student Common Room is a great place to unwind and relax during your breaks. It features pool tables, table tennis, a gaming corner and lots of comfy sofas so you can refresh before your next lesson.

    Themed events are held in the Common Room so you can get the best experience of being a Waltham Forest College student.

  • Work Experience

    You must complete 36 hours (1 week) of external work placement which is an essential part of the programme.

    Our Employers are chosen to support you with your language skills as well as building your confidence dealing with the public.

  • Progression opportunities

    The completion of this course will allow you to progress onto:

    • Higher level ESOL courses at Waltham Forest College 
    • Vocational course (for students with Entry 3 or above in ESOL)
  • Alumni

    Ghalia started with us as an Entry Level 1 student. She stayed in ESOL once she turned 19, has passed Level 2 Maths and Level 1 ESOL and is now on a Level 2 Travel and Tourism course in Waltham Forest College.

    • ESOL achievement 6% above national average
    • 95% achievement in 16-18 ESOL Maths in 2022
    • 100% achievement at L2 Maths

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