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The Science of Beauty Cosmetics Explained Simply

Rather than spending tons of money on beauty products, Level 2 Beauty Therapy students went behind the scenes of a cosmetics lab to uncover the secrets of cosmetics production.

The students signed up with the Beau Pro Training Academy for an intensive training programme to formulate organic cosmetics. The programme consists of mastering the scientific elements of cosmetic product making, and the UK laws for selling safe cosmetic.

The girls experimented with a combination of raw ingredients to create batches of lip balms, cleansers, moisturisers, face scrub gels and toners; using different quantities of preservatives and oils. They modified their recipes to alter characteristics that contained skin-loving properties such as essential and carrier oils, raw honey, grounded nuts, rosewater, sea salts and more.

Amazed by the level of scientific and technical knowledge, Ann Kilili , ‘It’s good to know how cosmetic products are mixed together and which ones are not to be used. I’ve bought many skincare products in the past and they have not been the best for my skin. Now I know why’.

Samantha who has worked for Dermalogica and Phillips Electronics, and is the Founder of Beau Pro Training Academy said, ‘This programme is a new and exciting course that the girls can take to further their career, create their own brand and produce bespoke products for their own customers’.

The students became cosmetic chemists and were awarded with a CPD certificate in developing and making their own natural products; paving the way for a successful specialist career.

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