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With 168,500 construction job opportunities being created by 2023, Waltham Forest College is continuing its lifelong tradition of providing high-quality training in Automotive, Construction, Electrical and Engineering (ACEE) by transforming working relationships with employers. 

Waltham Forest College has secured a large range of power tools and machinery worth over £40,000 in retail value from premier power tool specialist, Festool. The new tools reflect the technological advancements of the ACEE courses with Bluetooth connectivity and increased safety standards with higher degrees of accuracy.

Carpentry tutor, John Strange, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for our learners to be able to access top-of-the-range professional tools for use in our workshops. These tools bring modern connectivity to complement a traditional trade and our learners are thrilled to be using them.”

Tools such as the Domino jointing system provide quicker and more accurate methods of joinery, teaching learners the highest standards of workmanship, while the Mobile dust extractor’s keep the environment clean, with the Bluetooth technology allowing remote switch on and off, creating a more energy-efficient workshop.

Festool carpentry 2

Carpentry student, Reece Wilshire, said: “These tools are modern and what we will be expected to use in the sector. They are much cleaner for the environment, due to the portable extraction system and much more accurate allowing us to produce a better quality of work.”

As a sign of inspiration, learners have already commenced work on some of the College’s workspaces using the new equipment and tools that combines their skills to build a spec-house, that will be used as a showroom to inspire the next generation of learners.

Learner, Jahmai Fermin, who is working towards a construction apprenticeship with new housing developments said: “We are learning valuable skills that will allow us to go out and build. Overall, the College has been a good experience for me where I've been taught the values of teamwork and the use of tools and materials in a safe environment.”

The new ACEE provision is planning to introduce a new partnership with City and Guilds, aiming to progress learners through a 2-year package course with training that reflects the reality of the industry. Learners will not only walk away with qualifications but will achieve a range of CITB courses relevant to the industry, increasing the chances of gaining meaningful employment.

The College will continue to thrive in becoming a key provider for the UK Construction Workforce and in 2018 was made an official member of the Mayor’s Construction Academy and awarded with a prestigious Quality Mark that recognises the high standard of skilled workers that it produces.

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