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Now a member of the London Anchor Institutions’ Network; the city’s first-ever initiative of this kind and scale.

Waltham Forest College is proud to have pledged to work alongside some of London’s biggest organisations on a mission to help the capital city recover from the coronavirus crisis, using our influence as a major institution to ensure local people and places are at the heart of planning for long-term resilience.

As a member of the London Anchor Institutions’ Network, we are working to use our significant presence in the capital to deliver holistic strategies to recruit, procure local goods and services, and run our estates, in ways that have an immediate impact on people and places where we are based.

A year ago, we signed a Charter pledging support to London’s recovery, and to develop a set of targets, prioritising the creation of good jobs, ensuring young people have access to much-needed guidance and opportunities, and reducing the environmental impact of our estates.

In December, we attended a virtual Summit that brought together the city’s Anchor Institutions, London’s leadership, and inspiring speakers, who shared their experiences of working on projects in diverse cities such as New York and Chicago. Since the Summit, the Network has welcomed new members, and we’re continuing to engage with a range of public and private sector organisations who – like us - are interested in making their own institutional commitments that will create impact for London.

Members of the Network have announced a commitment to spend £1.3bn on contracts with small businesses in the capital over the next five years, ensuring that a range of contracts are targeted at small, micro, and diverse businesses.

Janet Gardner, Principal and CEO of Waltham Forest College said: “We are proud to be part of the growing momentum to support our capital’s sustainable recovery and develop London as a fairer, more equal, and more resilient city than it was before the pandemic.

“We can make greater positive change collectively than by working alone.”

Over the coming year, we will announce further commitments in line with the objectives of the programme.

To find out more visit: www.anchors.london

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