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Techcamp connects young people to global tech employers Apple, Google and Amazon

Young people in Waltham Forest have been given the opportunity to improve their digital skills and meet some of the world’s biggest potential employers including Apple, Google and Amazon.

40 participants from the borough took advantage of training at the Techcamp event at Waltham Forest College - organised by Waltham Forest Council and delivered by Trax Training CIC. Subjects covered by leading professionals included the latest digital trends, best industry practice and advice on how digital skills can help job-seekers stand out in the job market.

Techcamp took place from Monday 27 to Thursday 30 November and was the finale of Waltham Forest Council’s Digital Month, a series of events where residents could use online services and learn new skills to improve their employability or enable them to keep in touch with friends or family.

techcamp connects young people to global tech 2

techcamp connects young people to global tech 3

Cllr Clare Coghill, Leader of Waltham Forest Council, said:

“Improving our residents’ life chances is a priority for the council and, with technology moving so fast, I am really proud we are leading the way and giving them the tools and knowledge they need to get on and succeed.

“Waltham Forest wants to help young people believe in themselves and those who attended the Techcamp have learned essential digital skills which will help them stand out in a crowded job market.“

Ed Baker, Techcamp Programme Director at Trax Training, said:

“London now has close to 40,000 digital, creative and media businesses, all competing on a world-stage. Waltham Forest Tech Camp connected leading tech employers such as Amazon and Apple to the borough’s brightest digital talent.

“Over four days, a new digital talent pipeline was established that will hopefully inspire hundreds of other residents, and support the borough’s buoyant businesses.”

Penny Wycherley, Principal at Waltham Forest College, said:

“I visited the Techcamp on day one and saw the participants really engaged with the activities – there was a great buzz about the place! I saw them again on day four and they looked proud and triumphant. It was clear they had learnt much and had aspirations to do so much more. A triumph!”

Other events that took place during Digital Month included:

  • An all-night Hackathon where attendees put their heads together to create an online map of community events
  • The Lumen Adventures in Digital Art exhibition
  • Digital workshops on social media, coding and mobile phone use for residents

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