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Staff and students delivers a series of fundraising activities in support of the Mayor’s charity appeal.

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The Mayor of Waltham Forest, Roy Berg, made a special appearance at Waltham Forest College on Thursday 28th March for the Mayor’s Charity Appeal School Fundraising Day. This event rallied support from the College community by providing an enjoyable platform for fundraising activities led by students.

Staff and students joined showed their support by participating in a variety of engaging activities, including cupcake sales, henna designs, raffle tickets and prizes, and more. In attendance was also a surprise mascot appearance, adding an element of delight to the occasion.


The Mayor’s Charity Appeal for 2023-2024 is dedicated to providing crucial support to veterans, ex-service people, cadets, and young individuals transitioning into employment. Cllr Roy Berg, reflecting on his 34-year tenure in the Royal Air Force, expressed his commitment to ensuring supporting these causes - “I served in the Royal Air Force for 34 years and therefore it will come as no surprise that I want to ensure my fundraising activities for this year support veterans, ex-service people and their partners and families. Having witnessed what my own family went through and the sacrifices they made whilst I was serving, I want to ensure those connected to the armed forces in Waltham Forest, have support, a sense of community and have a space for their voices to be heard.


Digital learner and Student Union Representative, Kwasi Owusu-Mensah said: “It’s very thoughtful of the Mayor to support these causes and I am inspired to continue to help support others in need not just today, but further explore my involvement.”


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