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East London, November 29, 2023 – Future Film Focus: Digital Skills 2023, an event designed to empower young talents seeking careers in creative media industries, successfully concluded at Waltham Forest College. Organized by E17 Films and Emerging Talent CIC in collaboration with Waltham Forest College, the event opened pathways for aspiring creatives through networking, immersive workshops, and expert advice.


Supported by Westfield East Bank Creative Futures Fund, funded by Westfield Stratford City and delivered by Foundation for Future London, the event took place on Wednesday, November 29, 2023, from 2 PM to 5 PM at Waltham Forest College. Future Film Focus welcomed two insightful panels to guide and inspire attendees.

The 'Be Inspired' Panel offered a platform for young creatives to glean wisdom from industry professionals and leading organizations, uncovering entry-level pathways into the creative media landscape. Meanwhile, the 'Be Strategic' Panel equipped attendees with insider knowledge, preparatory insights, and guidance on available roles, training, and work experience.


Liza Fletcher, Co-Director of E17 Films CIC and founder of the Future Film Focus strand, emphasized the event's dedication to inclusivity and support for underrepresented communities. "This year's event was centred on extending opportunities to neurodivergent and dyslexic individuals with creative skills. Foundation for Future London and Waltham Forest College's support enabled the training of approximately 70 students, providing life-changing prospects for young creatives across East London."


Carol Minto, Strategic Projects Partner for the College, said: “A truly transformative event. I'm thrilled to have been part of the event team, dedicated to fostering talent and building exciting career pathways in the industry, and I can't wait to see the impact it makes on our creative growth and the students at Waltham Forest College.”

Marie Duquesne, Head of Creative and Digital IT, Creative Arts, commented: "At Waltham Forest College, our passionate Creative team is dedicated to inspiring and nurturing each student's creative talent and digital skills. The Future Film Focus: Digital Skills 2023 event is a fantastic opportunity for our students to connect with industry leaders, acquire practical experience, and set out on promising career paths."

In a bid for inclusivity, delivery partners provided comprehensive training to students of diverse abilities, ensuring each played a vital role in the event's success. Waltham Forest College students engaged in specialized in-person and online workshops facilitated by Microsoft UK, focusing on accessibility, and gaining insights from industry experts.

Amari Stephenson, a Digital Media student at Waltham Forest College, shared her rewarding experience participating in the event's program. "This work experience has been invaluable. I applied my course-learned digital skills to my marketing role, gearing up for my aspirations in graphic design apprenticeship post-college. The chance to learn from industry experts is priceless," expressed Amari.

Hector Minto, Microsoft Director of Accessibility & Lead Tech Evangelist, said: “Inclusive hiring and skills development are critical factors for Microsoft and tech sector at large. Future Film Focus is a great way for us to support creative and showcase this emerging social imperative.”

Janet Gardner, CEO and Principal of Waltham Forest College, lauded the event's impact, stating, "Waltham Forest College is proud to partner with Future Film Focus. This event effectively showcased the myriad career opportunities available in the Digital Sectors, bringing together key employers and professionals."

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