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Waltham Forest College accredited as a leading Mayor’s Good Work Standard employer

Waltham Forest College has been recognised for its commitment to a fair workplace, being as open and as inclusive as possible, ensuring its #TeamForest workforce are able to fulfil their potential, and make the College and economy more innovative and productive.

The Mayor of London launched his Good Work Standard as part of his commitment to making London the best city in the world to work.

Waltham Forest College is the only further education college to be officially accredited as a leading ‘Good Work Standard’ employer, incorporating the College value - ‘Focus on People’.

Principal and CEO Janet Gardner said: “We are pleased to be one of the Mayor’s Good Work Standard employers in London. We believe this is an important recognition of how we value our most important asset – our staff.”

The panel was particularly impressed with:

  • Commitment to providing health, wellbeing and development of staff.
  • Consistent and effective communication across the organisation.
  • Focus on continuous development of an inclusive and diverse workforce.

The Mayor’s Good Work Standard sets the benchmark for the best employment standards and helps employers contribute to a fairer and more inclusive London economy. This means an economy that works for all Londoners and means more Londoners can access good jobs.

The Good Work Standard recognises best practice across four pillars: fair pay and conditions, workplace wellbeing, skills and progression and diversity and recruitment.

To make this happen, the Mayor is working with businesses like ours to celebrate excellent work practices and assist businesses in adopting best practice approaches by bringing together a range of support and resources. Accredited employers currently cover retail, care, finance, banking, local government, media, the culture and creative industries, charities and more.

By signing up to the Mayor’s Good Work Standard, employers signal that they are committed to healthy, fair and inclusive workplaces; an important step in attracting and retaining a diverse, talented and successful workforce to assist other businesses in realising these benefits.

To read more about the Mayor’s Good Work Standard, visit The Good Work Standard (GWS) | London City Hall.

If you are interested in progressing your career at Waltham Forest College, visit the College website for more information and vacancies: www.waltham.ac.uk/vacancies.

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