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Pride Factor, the South African based life skills academy dedicated to ‘Inspiring Young Minds’ is launching the Empowered Youth platform in the United Kingdom by presenting two motivational workshops for teenagers and young adults in Walthamstow, London during November.

Building on feedback received from interactions with more than 50,000 young minds attending over 100 events at schools, universities and other youth events, these workshops are designed to inspire and guide young people on how to challenge their assumptions, broaden their aspirations and actively pursue and achieve fulfilling lifestyles and careers.

The launch of the Empowered Youth platform will comprise two intensive and high-energy one-day workshops, one for teens (15-18 years-old) and the other for young adults (19-25), both of which will plant seeds and set young minds in motion around themes such as:

  • Emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • Super Human Skills
  • Financial literacy
  • Money Making Concepts
  • Work readiness
  • Critical Thinking
  • Entrepreneurship

The workshops will be presented in conjunction with several business gurus and motivational speakers from the Greg Secker Foundation, Wealth Dragons, Assets for Life, Win Investing, Jet Set Speaker and Left Click Right Click.

The events will be hosted by Waltham Forest College in Walthamstow, London E17 4JB, on Saturday and Sunday, 9 and 10 November, 9.30am – 3.30pm.

Visit this page to register your attendance.

For more information see www.empowered-youth.com and facebook.com/EmpoweredYouthGlobal/

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