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The College hosted its annual World Culture Day event, recognising differences that unite the student body

Students introduced peers and staff members to the rich cultural traditions of their countries by delivering an enriching and exciting experience through open dialogues, performances, artwork exhibitions and presenting mouth-watering cuisines.

Students’ Union President, Nancy Kuforiji said: “This was a great platform to meet new people and find out more about their rich culture and how it defines them. There were many stands that represented countries from all over the world, that shared what makes up their cultural identity”.

Staff and students welcomed performances by The London Community Gospel Choir, who supported acts with global superstars such as Pink, Justin Timberlake and Elton John. They delivered a legendary rendition of Bob Marley’s hit single ‘One Love’.

Other performances included a traditional song entitled ‘Under the Orange Tree’, by Hospitality student, Isiwatu Fehintola Olokode and an Afrobeat performance by talented dancers Lutfiya Othman and Brian Joel, who both study Sports courses.

Amir Ahmed, College Director said: “Acceptance and recognition of cultural diversity are conducive to dialogue amongst respect and mutual understanding.”

“This year’s event is a true reflection of our diverse student body that makes up the communities we serve. I would like to thank our key sponsor, Sir Mallinson Scholarship Trust who have supported this student-led initiative that celebrates identity.”

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