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GLITZ AND GLAMOUR: Our Creative Arts Students given taste of fashion world

Our Fashion students partnered with The London College of Fashion to produce a two-day Fashion Styling Workshop for students, who launched their very own fashion photo-shoot.

The workshop introduced a range of related subjects such as researching trends, celebrities styling, styling in a magazine shoot and the different ways to style a product to attract customers. The students had the opportunity to develop ideas for fashion images and learn from an expert.

The students divided into groups and stepped into the roles of a stylist, creative director, photographer and model to produce a denim theme photo-shoot. From ripped jackets, embroidered jeans, faux fur, and leather; the groups utilised their roles and came up with innovative ideas to shoot around the College.

Kwame Oti Anderson, who was the Creative Director in his group photo-shoot, said ‘‘the workshop was great. I learned how to work in a team to pull together different looks for a fashion image. Denim never goes out of style, so it was fun to play around with ideas”.

glitz and glamour 2

The workshop offered students hands-on training to inspire them to succeed in what is a competitive industry. Ayce Gunner Petersen, Level 3 Fashion Student said, “I’ve gained more insight into the overview role of a stylist and I now know where not to go wrong”.

Kalina Pulit, Fashion Styling Lecturer at The London College of Fashion, who has produced projects for fashion labels and featured in pop culture magazines such as Dazed and Confused, said ‘I was very proud of all the students' creative ideas, passion and team effort. The photos were amazing and I can see them in real magazines”.

glitz and glamour 3

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