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Ingenious students from Waltham Forest College headed to CU London to participate in a STEM Day seminar to tackle the world’s most pressing issues around soaring energy prices, online security, and using robotics for rescue missions.

The worlds of energy and transport are changing fast and creating new opportunities for oil, gas and renewable energy management.

CU London, part of the Coventry University Group, hosted a STEM Day, aimed at encouraging the next generation to be part of the solution and create their future in Renewable Energy Management, Cyber Security, and Robotic Engineering.

STEM Day Featured

Lecturer, Saga Das Meng led the session delved into the exciting area of oil, gas, and energy management, exploring where the world sources most of its energy, the fuel of the future, and ultimately how we can all play our part to save the planet.

Learners from Waltham Forest College attended to participate in seminar-led discussions with expert academics on ways to tackle environmental issues and save the planet. Students stepped up to the challenge to brainstorm solutions for the current environmental issues and IT students in attendance drew from the knowledge of industry experts as they looked at contemporary computing developments and cyber security as a global emerging profession.

IT student, Mohammed Echchatt, commented saying:

“STEM Day was a really fun and interesting session that allowed me to gain insight into not just the future trends in the industry, but also the discipline requiring the skills and interests of young people to become the cyber security experts of tomorrow. An all-around great experience with the opportunity to experience part of university life.”

Head of Learner Services and Careers at Waltham Forest College, Ali Yusuf said:

“It is important our students get to explore their future careers by engaging in these activities, such as STEM Day. This leads to students further developing their insights into careers and even start thinking about what the jobs of the future will look like.”

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