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Investment in skills for Waltham Forest

SafeGuard Clothing is continuing its initiative to partner with local and regional colleges to promote education and awareness of safety.

The leading manufacturer of premium body armour has made it a mission to improve the education base of institutions and help them offer better practical experience to students enrolled in Public Service courses.

Waltham Forest College is the latest educational institution in the line to receive a donation from SafeGuard Clothing. The donated bullet-resistant vest puts the focus on the importance of safety and protecting the lives of law enforcement and military operatives.

Vital information that can improve safety awareness and survival rates amongst Public Service officials includes knowledge of new materials used in the design of bullet-resistant vests, correct size and carrier type selection and fit, and updated NIJ standards.

The donation from the international tactical body armour and safety equipment distributor will be used for demonstrations in the Public Service course of the College. SafeGuard Clothing’s vest will educate students on the working mechanics of the design and structure of tactical armour.

SafeGuard Clothing Communications Manager Benjamin Atkinson said:

"We are pleased to partner with Waltham Forest College. Helping colleges improve their Public Service courses is one of the pillars of our corporate governance strategy. We believe in raising awareness about threats, security and adequate protection among the public. The donation of one of our bulletproof vests aims to expand on the learning experience of students and better prepare them for their career in law enforcement.

Rodney Naib, Public Service Lecturer said “Such partnerships are greatly beneficial to our students as they provide access to an industry leader's expertise and technological advancement, enriching their learning experience.

“The use of SafeGuard's armour donation in the Public Service course demonstrates the working mechanics behind staying safe in the line of work that involves daily risks.

“It provides our students with a learning experience that develop their knowledge and skills in their chosen field.”

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