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Waltham Forest College has recently been assessed under the matrix Standard, which is a unique quality standard used to assess and measure the delivery and impact of the overall careers service.

The two-and-a-half-day assessment involved a matrix assessor interviewing key stakeholders such as staff who lead and deliver the careers service, to students, partner schools and employers who all receive the careers service as end users.

Student Services and the Business Development departments underwent the review and were able to demonstrate the careers service in practice and articulate key strategies used by the College to show effectiveness in improving its key outcomes.

The assessment report outlined clear leadership and direction for staff who deliver the service and further highlighted how staff are being developed to ensure that the College is able to meet and respond to the demands within the sector.

Careers Lead for the College, Amir Ahmed, said “The accreditation was welcomed by all involved and not only signifies the strength in the careers service but reinforces the delivery of high-quality, impartial careers information, advice and guidance”

There have been many sector updates with the most recent introduction of the Gatsby Benchmarks, a framework of eight guidelines that defines what a good careers service looks like.

Mr. Ahmed, said: “These benchmarks are now unpinned into our thriving Careers Strategy, which allows us to define our service improving accessibility to everyone. We want our careers provision to be labelled as world class to help our clients understand the range of opportunities available to them in today’s economy and acquire the skills and qualifications they need to succeed in the workplaces of the future”.

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