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Playing a key role in the economic recovery and the first choice for students in London, Waltham Forest College is here to provide you with excellent skills-based knowledge that will drive you forward in your career, whether that is in a field you have been working in for years or embarking on a new challenge.

As an anchor institution in the heart of north east London and the go-to place for skills training, the College is ready to help to meet the increasing demand of local, regional, and national priorities in partnership with employers to train competent individuals looking to advance their career, supporting local people into great jobs.

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Everyone who comes onboard at Waltham Forest College leaves not only with their certification and qualifications, but they also come away with vocational experience in their industry that boosts their knowledge and puts them one step ahead of the competition. This real-world experience provides you with an invaluable knowledge base to draw from and helps you exceed your career aspirations.

As wells as supporting people into employment, they also help people in lower-paid work to upskill into higher-skilled, better-paid employment. This year the College has supported nearly 200 NHS staff in their quest to develop their digital, English and math skills, which enables them to progress to higher-skilled and key shortage areas such as nursing, helping not only the individual but also the community.

The College is an official member of the Mayor’s Construction Academy and has been awarded a prestigious Quality Mark that recognises the high standard of skilled workers that it produces.

The Mayor’s Construction Academy has been set up to tackle the immediate skills shortage across London and will strengthen coordination between construction skills training providers and construction sector employers.

Janet Gardner in LRCAnd that is not all; taking it one step further, Waltham Forest College is working with employers to develop vital skills needed to support the growing demand in the industry for low carbon solutions and green construction allowing the College to lead the way in developing industry-led provision in renewable technologies.

The Principal and CEO Janet Gardner intends for the College to remain the number one choice for students with outstanding vocational and higher technical training, building on their previous accomplishments and aspiring to go even further.

“We will build on our successful Mayor’s Construction Academy Status leading on the development of green skills through renewable building technologies, working with employers to provide the skills and training needed to meet this growing demand.

"We are currently working with employers developing skills in areas such as renewable energies, hybrid vehicles and charging stations, and smart home control systems to provide our student with the best opportunities for employment.

"Our pledge is to continue to drive the training and skills needed to support the economic recovery of Waltham Forest and North/East London”.

Waltham Forest College might just be the next step for your career. To find out head over to www.waltham.ac.uk

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