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Community Pool CIC Closure

Waltham Forest College strives to position itself at the heart of the community. The College is committed to improving our learning and social spaces, and to be a financially viable organisation, able to invest in growth for a sustainable future.

It is with regret that the Directors of the Community Pool, Community Interest Company (CIC), who have been responsible for the running of the pool for several years now, have announced that it will be closing its doors on 31st January 2020.  WFC students, schools and clubs, and the local community have all benefited from this unique facility in the college. 

The College has not changed any conditions of the lease in recent years and has discussed the Community Pool CIC’s decision to close. We are willing to explore a viable and pragmatic approach to refurbish, reopen and sustain the pool for the future.

It is unfortunate that the College has not been able to facilitate a timely enough change to the lease, in order for the Community Pool CIC to take advantage of potential funds available to invest in, and modernise the pool.   Financial investment from a committed party(ies) is required to create an environmentally efficient and economically viable swimming pool that can serve the community for the longer term.

The reopening and sustaining of the long-term future of the pool will make it imperative for the College, schools and clubs, and the community of Waltham Forest to continue as active users of this unique venue that has been a central part of the community for generations.

The College is open to discussions in the hope that this pool can reopen for community use for leisure and education at some point in the future.

Dr Joy Kettyle


Original Press Article, 17.01.20

After ten years of service to Waltham Forest residents, the Community Pool CIC. has announced it will be closing its doors on 31st January 2020. Stakeholders and Community partners will be notified with immediate effect.

The Directors of the CIC extend thanks to the people and organisations that have supported the pool over the last decade: the pool staff, users, and the many others who have given their time and efforts to provide this facility to the people of Waltham Forest. 

Waltham Forest College Principal, Dr Joy Kettyle, said: “In recent months, Waltham Forest College has had the tremendous opportunity to take up free swim sessions and lessons at the Community Pool which has added value to both the staff and student experience.”

“We’ve also recently just received news of our first student of the year who has successfully completed their lifeguarding course. The pool closure will inevitably have an impact on the teaching and leisure experience for staff and students here at the College.”

The Community Pool will need the support and commitment of Waltham Forest College and other partners as well as the community in order to be able to generate the capital needed to create an environmentally efficient and economically viable swimming pool for the long term.

Karen Hayes (a Director at the Community Pool CIC) said: “It is with regret, that we have had to inform the community of the pool closure, however, it’s a decision the directors have had to make given the current circumstances. 

“We can only sincerely apologise for the impact this has had on the local schools and clubs as well as our talented team of staff.”

The future of the pool is uncertain, but the directors of The Community Pool CIC and the management of Waltham Forest College will continue discussions in the hope that it can reopen for community use and education sometime soon.

For all queries relating to this announcement, or, if you or your organisation can contribute to discussions that will help secure a future for the community pool, then please email using either of the email addresses below:



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