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Investment in skills for Waltham Forest

Waltham Forest College piloted their very first celebration of ‘World Culture’ event, where students from different backgrounds put on themed stalls representing their countries.

Students introduced peers and staff members to the rich cultural traditions of their countries and had open dialogues and conversations based on cultural diversity.

They exhibited items and collections that represented their culture as well as producing samples of national dishes and cuisine.

Some of the countries represented on the day included Congo, Somalia, Ethiopia, Poland, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Bangladesh, Pakistan and many more.

The highlight of the event was a themed African Drumming and Dance competition led by Mbilla Arts CIC, who delivered a powerful and engaging drumming session.

ESOL student Nahomi, won the dance competition. She said: “I loved the event. It is extremely important for students to come together and learn more about each other’s traditions and backgrounds”

The event was a success with approximately 200 students in attendance making a positive contribution to celebrating world culture and recognising cultural diversity.

Director, Amir Ahmed, said: “Waltham Forest is a diverse and multi-cultured borough and achieved the first status of ‘Borough of Culture’ from the Mayor of London. Our student body reflects our local community and with the support from Sir Mallinson Scholarship Trust, our students were able to organisation a fantastic event, which engaged both students and staff.”

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