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Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at Waltham Forest College

In an increasingly competitive market, Waltham Forest College has launched the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) that supports the personal and skills development of young people.

Created in 1956, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award aims to improve the personal development and employability of young people by offering individual achievements that differ from person to person depending on their goals, and by encouraging young people to get involved in exciting and new challenges.006.JPG

Over time, the award builds and promotes teamwork, self-discipline, empathy, and independence which are important attributes to display whilst at college, in their personal life, and in the workplace.

Waltham Forest College is now a fully licensed DofE centre. The DofE Award is nationally and internationally recognised and favoured by employers and universities due to the skills and attributes young people gain to become more rounded and confident adults.


Public Services students have signed up for the Silver Award and are on track to complete the volunteering and skills aspect of the Award. They are excited to be progressing onto the expedition in the upcoming months.

Amir Ahmed, Director of Learner Experience, said: “The introduction of the DofE Award is a key part of our strategy to develop a ‘can do’ culture amongst our student body and the opportunities offered to students are an essential part of the curriculum. Students bring skills and qualities learnt back into the campus, applying them in lessons and improving our college community”.027.JPG

If you would like to know more about the College, please visit the College website at www.waltham.ac.uk to access more information and register for the Open Event

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