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Alumna, Sanah Begum returned for the second year running to inspire students pursuing a medical career with insights into her digital surgical portfolio.

Sanah Begum trekked 3,780 miles from London to Pakistan to document the journeys of patients from pre-op to post-op as they underwent reconstructive surgery for acid burns, cleft lips and palettes and trigger finger. The exhibition aimed to engage aspiring medical students and bring textbook learning to life.

Sanah Begum Exhibition 19.2

Miss Begum commented; “I see my surgical images and videography as powerful artwork which was captured all in raw-stage and as authentically as possible. These surgeries are life-changing to the patients and I wanted to raise the profile of medical professionals all over the world and the amazing work that they carry out.”

Local resident, Constance Mcintosh shared her thoughts saying: “The images are striking and though some may find it unsettling, it challenges the squeamishness of surgical operations, causing many to now think about the importance of health and the medical profession.”

Nursing students visited the exhibition and was amazed by the still images of the life-changing operations and the stories of patients undergoing surgery.

Sanah Begum Exhibition 19.3

Student, Cristina Tapovet, commented; “This exhibition was incredible as it got me thinking about the medical detail during operations and the lead up on how patients gear up emotionally, pre and post operation. I felt at one stage that I was in the operating room and this got me excited about entering the profession.”

Marketing Manager, Antoinette Beekye commented: “It is always refreshing when ex-students choose to come back to the College and share their journey to success. This exhibition opened up real-life dialect between students, the expectations of the medical profession that started encouraging students to think about life after studies”.

Miss Begum will continue to volunteer in medical projects overseas and will continue to work with the College to empower students to enter the sector.

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